Space saving coffee table

In today’s society millions of people inhabit densely populated areas where space is very limited. This project sets about exploring ways to maximise the functionality of consumer’s living spaces and how they are able to utilise their living space to its full potential. 

By developing an understanding surrounding the issues associated with limited space within the home, I was able to understand how the conventional coffee table could be improved to provide users with a new space efficient solution. 

The final solution provides users with a compact yet expansive surface that has a variety of storage areas for magazines and books. The table’s ability to nest together ensures that a minimal amount of space is occupied when the product isn’t being used and allows the user to increase the amount of surface space when required. Finger groves run the entire length of the inner table to allow users to position the tables with ease. This ability to adapt to the users changing needs ensures that very little space is wasted.

Dimensions (mm):

Outer table: 425h x 1000w x 450d

Inner table: 386h x 856w x 400d