LUX Table

The LUX Table is a dual purpose bedside table designed to enhance both a user’s interaction and experience. The combination of a table light with the bedside table creates a unique and diverse experience for the user. By developing an understanding of how humans interact with light I was able to explore a variety of effects to create a fresh and immersive experience for my users. 

The use of warm white LED’s creates a relaxing and ambient environment where users have 3 brightness settings available to them. Each setting is designed to create a different effect ranging from a functional beam to a soft and low level ambient night light which can be controlled by a single touch to a polished steel plate. 

The contemporary design offers users the ability to position the light in a variety of locations; when being used as an ambient light, users are able to attach the light to the tables back edge through the use of rare earth magnets. If they wish to use the light in a more functional manner then they are able to position the light on top of the table’s surface to direct the light towards them.

Dimensions (mm):

Table with light: 570h x 370w x 380d 

Light: 38h x 370w x 50d